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A colleague said to me the other day, “If I have to sit through one more boring Zoom call, I’m gonna k*&l somebody!”

You and I both know that presenting online is now an essential part of our business life. So why is almost everyone doing such a horrendous job at it? Because there’s simply something they don’t know yet. 

There is good money and plenty of new business to be earned when you know how to properly leverage technology and understand the core fundamentals of engaging presentations.  In this webinar, I’ll explain to you how it’s done… how the professionals do it.


1. How to set up a powerful webinar registration page.  Whether you’re promoting a live webinar or evergreen webinar, you still have to get people to sign up. 

2. How to configure Groundhogg CRM: What The key to successful webinar presentations is follow up, follow up, follow up. Groundhogg makes it easy! 

3. An introduction to the world’s most powerful online presentation template: Context has always been more important that content when it comes to powerful presentations. If you truly want to engage people, then this part of the webinar will be especially important!

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