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Presentation Title: That’s Ambitious – Speaker: Paul Tobey

If your healthy ambition has yet to bring you the life you want, then meet Paul Tobey.  In his unbelievably short 3-year journey from starving jazz artist to multi-millionaire, Tobey has learned first hand the difference between those who simply dream vs those who actually live the dream.  In his books, concerts, executive consulting, keynote presentations, radio shows and massive internet presence, he continues to inspire tens of thousands of ambitious people to leverage their talents for the benefit of others, and in turn accept what a kind and compassionate universe gives back.  When you experience Tobey’s commanding, often humorous and authentic stage presence, you will learn: “Success is not for the chosen few, but for the few who choose it.”

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Discover how to hone the skills of a successful CEO. Improve your mindset, increase sales, enhance profits, boost the value of your business and even improve your health. Whatever big hairy audacious goals you have, the That’s Ambitious mentorship program will help you get there.


$250 $ 229 /Month
  • Join Anytime - Courses Are Ongoing
  • Live or Livestream
  • Workbook & Exercises
  • Each Session Is Recorded in HD Video for Review
  • Courses Are a Powerful Mix of Professional and Personal Development Seminars
  • 2 Courses Per Month Presented Every Other Thursday
Get Certified
as a
  • Learn the difference between Healthy Ambition vs. Unhealthy Ambition
  • How Change-Makers Lead from a place of Service
  • Don’t be surprised if a breakthrough emerges
  • Eliminate Distraction and Negativity
  • Learn the 6 Habits of Ambitious and Successful people
  • Be Exposed to New Ways of Thinking
  • Get Unstuck – Focus on Execution
  • Open Dialogue & Opportunities With Other Ambitious People
  • Stop Competing with Others and Focus on Your Achievements
  • Learn from Experts: Accumulate Key Business Intelligence to get you there faster

Did you know that there are awards and prizes for participating?

After participating in the program, whether that be for a single month, multiple months or an entire year, Ambitious participants can apply to present their results to a distinguished panel of “Success Experts & Investors” at the THAT’S AMBITIOUS CONFERENCE and Gala Event.

Winners will receive widespread recognition for their accomplishments as well as a variety of valuable prizes including: an exclusive vacation, a private golf club experience, customized executive consulting, digital marketing campaigns, video production, a PR campaign and more. Click here to see complete list of awards.



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