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About That's Ambitious

That’s Ambitious is a program created by Training Business Pros and delivered by Certified Trainer  & Subject Matter Expert: Paul Tobey

In the aftermath of 9-11, Paul Tobey had no choice by to re-invent himself. He started at the bottom of the gig economy as a starving jazz artist, and during the middle of a recession in 2002, he literally re-created his life.  He had to do something… something new, something different, something bold. His pivot was steadfast and within a few short years he developed new skills as a digital marketer, trainer and small business owner… and became a multi-millionaire. 

Tobey saw the “opportunities” in a down economy. He learned new skills, gained new knowledge, and put his vision into action. He learned first hand the difference between those who simply dream vs those who “take action” and create their own results. In his books, concerts, executive consulting programs, keynote presentations, radio shows and internet presence, Paul continues to inspire tens of thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs to leverage their knowledge & talents.  One of his core values is to “be in service of”.  For this reason he  continues to teach, train, coach and consult.  

If you’re looking to pivot, scale your company, lead, build a tribe or help others succeed, then you’ll find this video series filled with high value information you need right now!  This edu-taining series is packed with knowledge & step-by-step instructions, for the small business owner, coupled with humorous and authentic stories that will continue to inspire you through hard times.  You’ll also save valuable time and money by getting high value information that you need “right now!”.  These are uncertain times. Many of us will eat “humble pie” as our small businesses pivot. It will not be without drastic change or huge effort, but remember, in the post Covid-19 economy, there will be opportunities for saavy entrepreneurs.  We just need to broaden our knowledge, and adapt.  The key is to simply keep-going and never stop learning.

“Success is not for the chosen few, but for the few who choose it,” Paul Tobey

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