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There are recessions, which many of us have witnessed before, and then there’s Covid-19.  While we haven’t completely seen the full effects on our economy, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Covid is having a massively negative effect on many businesses and many families.
I’m not sure if you’ve heard about what it means to “recession proof” your business, but that’s what this That’s Ambitious Livestream training is all about.
We’ll be focusing on a 5-Step Approach to Recession Proofing Your Business and Your Life.  And while you may have heard the term “recession proof” before, I do have considerable experience with my business and helping others businesses to not only navigate lean times and weather the storm, but actually scale up and come out stronger than ever before.
You will learn things like:
  • How to clean-house and create a strong mechanism for attracting new business.
  • How to grow your customer base, even when times are tough and competition is even tougher.
  • How to keep your finances in check and where to spend wisely.
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