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Sue Sadowski


You will quickly see there is more than ample 5 Star feedback regarding the high quality, one of a kind training that only Training Business Pros can offer. Training that sets the bar so high in the industry, it puts Paul Tobey and his team in a league of their own. Many before me have eloquently scripted their gratitude, so I’m going to share some lesser mentioned qualities and events I have personally experienced relating to the multitalented leading man behind it all.

As a reader who may have found yourself to my testimonial in the hopes of gleaning a golden nugget which validates your investment decision in this program, I’d like to say that I’ve known Mr. Tobey since 2013 and have intermittently taken a variety of courses from him over these past few years. This is my chance to share my appreciation and gush a little bit over how his leadership has touched my life.  My testimonial is a coffee break worthy script so you may want to go grab that latte before you read on.

Paul does something extremely well which I think should be obvious but is often times overlooked. That is, he takes on the daunting task of working with people. By “people”, I mean the public. From the already thriving business-preneur, to the eager marketing student, Paul works with all kinds and all levels of people.  And you might be saying to yourself, “Why is that so special? “

It is special because he’s been doing it for such a long time that he has the experience of a sagely ninja by now. Working with the public is no easy task particularly in our current world climate and especially in the most ethnically and culturally diverse city in the world.  

Paul does not just work with “people”, he works with “the consciousness of people“ and he does it brilliantly.  He’s seen it all and dealt with it all because humans tend to repeat their human mistakes over and over. Rinse, Repeat, Rinse. It takes a lot of tenacity to hang in there with humans as “the public“, especially when they are in their baser selves, egos, defenses, frustrations, wits end, exhaustion, over ambition, anxieties and self-defeating habits to name a few. Being in the thick of the audience, over the years I’ve seen a lot of emotions flung at Mr. Tobey while participants are in their ‘stuff’ and he has stood tall throughout, recognizing the walking wounded’s feelings of futility when they’ve been back to the drawing board for the 100th time before stepping through his doors. In turn, he gave more promises and supportive programs to help them turn their thinking around, tune their vibration up and turn their labyrinth of challenges into peaks of joy and success.  Anytime I’ve rejoined Paul’s programs, he’s elevated himself and his business that much further as he’s continued to blaze a path for those who got stuck in their stories. He’s provided a way out…and then, a way up for people to create the realities they are dreaming of.

Do not get me wrong, Paul Tobey works with scores of brilliant, accomplished highly successful individuals. I’m simply pointing out his guidance and unwavering support for those individuals who need new awareness and breakthroughs on various levels. That includes mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

One other point. True enough there are many talented companies offering top notch training in 2020 …but there is so much more to any successful program than modules, trends, and formulas. You can be spending a fortune taking all the right training but still be standing in the wrong ballpark. All the pragmatic training in the world isn’t going to help you if your overarching perception of where you’re taking your business is skewed.  Paul’s keen eye and sharp intuition can deduce this as quickly as it takes to shake hands and say hello. Paul is the prince of sizing up people and their business platform with rapid fire precision. This allows him to be of service and share his expertise where it is most needed.

I’ve taken various business courses from trainers around the globe. Paul’s knowledge is always cutting edge and ahead of the pack. He lives, eats and breathes what he does and I’m quite sure the GOOGLE Gods will never feel clever or fast enough as long as Paul is on the scene. This is a facilitator who radiates great passion and youthful energy while holding the wisdom of a Buddha when in front of his audience. And that is surely what you want when you are seeking the consummate professional trainer.  

If you are wondering if you are in the right place to grow your 5-star business legs, please know that you most certainly are. My best to anyone who took their time to read this. I applaud your continued success, prosperity, health, and happiness.  Cheers!

Sue Sadowski

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