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am·bi·tion: the persistent and generalized striving for
success, attainment, and accomplishment

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Meet Your Success Mentor Paul Tobey, CEO of Training Business Pros, Executive Consultant and one of Canada’s leading Digital Marketing Trainers. In this short video, Paul Tobey explains the THAT’S AMBITIOUS program. Are you ambitious but haven’t quite honed that energy into a successful venture? 

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What is That’s Ambitious?

THAT’S AMBITIOUS  is an ongoing series of personal and professional development courses that deliver step-by-step solutions for achieving big goals.

Each Course Is 2 Hours: The 1st hour is step-by-step training focused on solving a specific problem.  In the 2nd hour, participants are given an exercise, followed by a discussion and a Q&A period on how to properly apply the solution.

Post Training Instructions:  At the end of each course, participants are given clear instructions and guidelines on what to do to next to enhance results and increase the success rate.

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Why should I participate?

Learn How to Properly Harness Your Ambition: Each course is designed to help you harness your ambition so that it “fires you up and gets results,” without “burning you out” and getting you nowhere. While you may have some ambition, experience tells us that most people have yet to accomplish their mission or fulfill their purpose.

Are You Content With Your Results So Far? All you have to do is look at your current results and ask yourself, “How is my way of doing things working out so far?” If you were truly honest with yourself, you’d have to say, “I’m not quite there yet.” In our experience, almost everyone needs a mentor to help them learn new things that they simply don’t know yet.

What Other Millionaires Have Stepped Up to Help You Lately? One of the things that’s really hard to find is an actual millionaire that’s willing to help you. Paul Tobey is not only a bona fide millionaire, but he has the experience, the will and the means to step up and actually help you. Not exactly sure where you’re going to find that these days? You certainly won’t get this level of detailed guidance by reading Facebook posts.

How do I get started?

Attend Live or Via Livestream: Each 2-hour course is streamed live from our studio training facility in Toronto, Canada. You can attend each session via live stream from anywhere in the world.

What On VOD?  Each session is recorded in HD video and uploaded to the members area.

How do I register? Just choose the Courses that interest you and sign up. Your purchased Courses will be available to view from the ‘My Account’ Page.

Where can I find the schedule and course descriptions? To view the schedule of upcoming courses please click here.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of the courses, you can receive a full refund within 30 days following the course date. Since there are 2 courses per month, a single course refund will be half of your monthly tuition.

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